Ways to Increase the Professionalism of Your Chimneysweep Business

4 Ways to Better Manage Your Chimney Sweep Business Schedule

Could your chimney sweep business schedule use a little help? Do you find yourself never seeming to catch up with your schedule, or dealing with awkward chunks of time in between appointments? No matter what the problem, these 4 tips can help you to better manage your schedule for increased productivity and reduced stress.

Set Definite Hours

It’s easy to start taking on a few appointments here and there outside of your regular business hours, but if you get into this practice you’ll probably find that your work starts to encroach on your personal time. Instead, set definite business hours and only schedule appointments during those times. This strategy can help you to maintain a better balance between your work and your life.

Schedule Appointments Strategically

When it comes to scheduling appointments, try to fit clients into your schedule with some strategy. For instance, maybe you dedicate particular days to staying in certain geographical areas to cut down on travel. By taking into consideration a client’s location, you can minimize your driving time and maximize the time that you actually spend on appointments each day. The Sweeps App has a great map feature that allows you to easily visualize where your clients are located so you can improve your scheduling strategy.

Always Perform Appointment Reminder Calls

When you’re scheduling appointments weeks or even months in advance, it’s important to perform appointment reminder calls so that clients don’t forget about appointments. Showing up only to have to wait for a client, or worse, not being able to perform the appointment at all can be a waste of time and can disrupt your business schedule.

But don’t think that you now need to schedule time to perform daily appointment reminder calls. The Sweeps App can take care of that task for you by sending out email and SMS messages to remind clients of their upcoming appointments. This will save you time but still ensures that clients are aware of their appointments.

Use The Sweeps App

The Sweeps App can help you to better manage your chimney sweep business schedule in many different ways.

The Sweeps App can:

  • Send out appointment reminder emails and SMS messages for you
  • Allow you to see your appointments on a map so you can strategically schedule them and choose the routes that minimize your travel time and distance
  • Track when chimneys were last cleaned, so you can tell when they’ll need to be cleaned again
  • Provide you with a comprehensive calendar so you can see potential conflicts, and can reschedule appointments at the touch of a button

This App streamlines your administrative tasks as a business owner, and can improve your scheduling. Ready to give it a try? Sign up for your free 30-day trial now. It’s commitment-free and risk-free, and we don’t even request credit card information. You can use the App with your business for 30 days and can see just how it can save you time and make your admin tasks run more smoothly.

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