5 Tips for Creating Your Chimney Sweep Business Website

Your chimney sweep business website will usually be your main point of contact online. If you plan on creating social media channels, then these will direct visitors to your website for additional information on your business. Done correctly, your website can help your business to show up in local search results when people are looking for a chimney sweep.

Before you create a website for your chimney sweep business, be sure to review these 5 tips.

Highlight What Makes Your Business Unique

Now is the chance to help your business stand out from other chimney sweeps. Think about what makes your business unique, and what you do differently. Then, design your site to highlight that. Maybe you do unique chimney accessory installations, or maybe you’re known for leaving a space behind cleaner than it was when you arrived. Use photos, videos, and brief stories or customer testimonials to show site visitors that you are truly one-of-a-kind.

Get Personal

Be careful about getting too polished and professional with your website. Sure, you want your site to look professional, but if you make the site too formal you risk alienating potential customers.

Instead, use your site as a chance to show the people behind your business. Site visitors are more likely to be drawn in by photos of your team and a brief biography or fun facts about your staff than they are to engage with polished, formal content. Hire a photographer, take some great staff photos, and be sure to include them on your site.

Specify Your Service Area

You’d be surprised how many local businesses forget to specify their service area. Be clear about the areas in your travel radius. Include the towns and counties in writing for search engine purposes, but also consider including a map for reader convenience.

Include the Details Customers Need

Don’t forget to include contact information on your site. You may also want to include some information about your policies, the specific services you offer, and the types of situations that you can help out with. For instance, if you offer chimney repairs and renovations, include some information on that to help your site rank within search engines.

Hire Help

Your chimney sweep business website doesn’t have to be intricate or state-of-the-art, but it does need to be clean and professional. This can be difficult to achieve if you’re trying to create the site yourself, have limited experience building websites, and are working with limited time.

It’s often best to hire a website designer to create a site just for your business. If your site has just a few pages and isn’t complex, then this will help to keep the price of your project down. Get quotes from a number of different designers to get a sense of what rates you will need to pay.

A quality website is an essential tool for your chimney sweep business. It’s well worth the time and energy you’ll invest to create it.