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5 Chimney Sweep Admin Tasks You’re Spending Too Much Time On

When you think about how you spend your day at work, chances are that you’re only actually cleaning chimneys for a small portion of that day. The rest of your day consists of administrative tasks, like creating invoices, scheduling appointments, and talking with customers. Truth is, you’re losing valuable time on these tasks, and we have a way for you to get that time back: The Sweeps App.

Here are 5 admin tasks that The Sweeps App can help you to save time on.


With The Sweeps Read more [...]

5 Ways to Make Your Chimney Sweep Business Stand Out from the Competition

How unique is your chimney sweep business? Do you stand out from the competition, or do you need a little help differentiating your business from others? We have 5 ways that you can make your chimney sweep business a bit more unique so you truly stand apart from the other business out there.


It may seem simple, but just taking the time to promptly return calls from clients will make you stand out from other businesses. Performing appointment reminder calls will also set you apart, Read more [...]

4 Ways The Sweeps App Can Improve Your Productivity

Successfully running your chimney sweep business – and any small business – requires great time management skills. The better you use your time, the more productive you can be, and the greater the profits you can earn, in return. But chances are you’re spending too much time on some of the administrative tasks of your business, and that a few changes could make you much more productive.

One simple way to increase your productivity? Use The Sweeps App. This App is designed to streamline your Read more [...]

Introducing The Sweeps App

Want to cut down on the administrative side of your chimney sweep business? Wish you had the budget for an assistant, but can’t justify the cost? We have the perfect solution for you: The Sweeps App.

Why We Created The Sweeps App

We’ve developed apps for equine professionals for the past two years. Our goal was to create apps that could reduce the administrative hassle for business owners – and we quickly realized that chimney sweeps needed an app just for them.

Chimney sweeps have Read more [...]

4 Ways to Diversify Your Chimney Sweep Business to Stay Productive During the Off Months

When you run a chimney sweep business, you need to find ways to stay productive during the summer months when business drops off. You may be fortunate to make enough income during the busy fall and winter so that you don’t have to work as much when things slow down during the spring and summer, but that isn’t always the case. Want to diversify your chimney sweep business so you have reliable income all year long? Here are four options to consider.

Offer Flue Waterproofing or Sealing

As Read more [...]

How to Manage a Chimney Sweep Business on the Side

If you’re managing a chimney sweep business on the side, you’ll need some excellent organizational skills to get everything done. These four tips can help you to better manage a chimney sweep business in addition to a second job or other obligations.

Treat Your Business Like a Business

When you’re getting into chimney sweeping on the side, you’ll need to put a conscious effort into seeing the sweep business as an actual business. You’ll need any licenses required in your location, Read more [...]

6 Great Ways to Market Your Chimney Sweep Business

If you want to build your chimney sweep business, then you’ll need to put some marketing techniques to work. When it comes to marketing, you often need to make multiple impressions on a potential client before they take the next step and become an actual client. Here are 6 great marketing ideas you can put to work for your chimney sweep business today.

Business Cards

It may seem basic, but having quality business cards on you at all time can help you to take advantage of any chance connections Read more [...]

4 Ways to Simplify Your Chimney Sweep Business Accounting

How well-organized are your chimney sweep business’ accounting records? Can you tell at a glance how much income you’ve made this year, and do you know what your mileage is so far? If you can improve your business accounting, your records will be more accurate and more up to date – and you’ll be less stressed when it’s time to file your taxes.

Here are 4 ways you can simplify your business’ accounting.

Talk With Your Accountant

First, schedule an appointment with your business’ Read more [...]

5 Ways Any Chimney Sweep Business Can Save Time

What could you accomplish with your chimney sweep business if you had an extra half hour in the day? What about an extra hour, or an extra hour and a half? These simple changes can help you to save time, so you can increase your productivity – and your profits.

Go Digital

One of the simplest ways to save yourself time? Go digital, if you haven’t done so already. Having a digital calendar always available to you via your phone helps to avoid scheduling conflicts and keep you on task. Digitized Read more [...]

5 Ways to Increase the Professionalism of Your Chimney Sweep Business

Would you like to increase the professionalism of your chimney sweep business? These five tips are easy to incorporate into your business, but can have a major effect on how clients view your business.

Perform Appointment Reminder Calls

How many times have you shown up at an appointment only to discover that the homeowner or business owner forgot it was scheduled? If you perform appointment reminder calls, you can avoid this awkward occurrence. Performing appointment reminder calls also Read more [...]