How to Attract Great Employees to Your Chimney Sweep Business

Your chimney sweep business is only as good as your staff, so attracting great employees to your business is often a top priority. If you’re just starting to hire help, or want to improve the quality of the employees you hire, here are some tips that can help.

Develop a Great Reputation

Good employees want to work for a great company, so start by developing an excellent reputation for your business. You can do this by providing superior services to your customers and by asking them to review your business online.

While you’ll need a good overall reputation for your business, you’ll also want to give some thought to the reputation you have as an employer. Treating your current employees well can built a great atmosphere in your business, and current employees may even refer new potential employees to you.

Create a Path for Advancement

No one is looking for a dead-end job, so creating opportunities for advancement can increase the pool of employees interested in your business. Think about how you can offer advancement in terms of additional trainings and certifications, diversification of services, and even by promoting employees into more managerial roles.

Advancement is great, but remember that with additional opportunities, employees will expect subsequent pay raises, too. Be sure that you can financially support and justify each position that you create.

Offer Perks

Perks help to sweeten the deal a bit, and can make a position more appealing to employees. Perks can be financial, such as bonuses, but there are other ways to reward employees:

  • Raises
  • Additional time off after a big project
  • Increased vacation time for long-standing employees
  • Occasional free company lunches

Perks don’t necessarily have to be large, expensive things. However, make sure that they’re a way for you to genuinely share your appreciation of your employees.

Communicate Well

So often, communication is one of the major flaws in business administration. It’s frustrating for an employee to feel like their concerns or suggestions aren’t heard, so simply finessing your communication is one way to create a business that employees will want to be a part of.

Look into some communication strategies for business owners, and if you’re new to running a business, consider taking some courses in business leadership.

You’ll also want to invest in The Sweeps App, especially if you’re running a multi-van sweeps business. The App can help you to better communicate with all of your employees, even if you don’t see them in person throughout the day. The App helps you to all keep track of schedules, and as an administrator, you can better oversee and communicate with your employees.

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